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Fun Facts: Difference between Engagement Ring & Promise Ring


Typically engagement rings are:

  1. To visually communicate to others that the person is ‘off the market’
  2. To remind the wearer of the commitment they’ve made to their future spouse.
  3. To symbolize the love of the giver
  4. Because it’s a cultural tradition


Promise rings however represent:

  1. Pre-engagement
  2. Special Friendship
  3. Monogamy
  4. Chastity (Abstinence)
  5. Token of unconditional love between parent and child
  6. Serious goals
  7. Religious commitments

A promise ring generally has simpler and less elaborate designs. There is a lot more flexibility to the style of a promise ring. Besides the traditional gold, platinum, or silver, a promise ring can be made of any material such as glass, wood, ceramic, and silicone. Additionally, a promise ring often has no stones; if it does, birthstones are more commonly used than gemstones.

Oppositely, an engagement ring typically has more ornate and complex designs. Gold and platinum are the most common material for the band. The diamond solitaire style is a popular and timeless style. Other gemstones can also be used.